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Uttar Pradesh, Narendra Modi: It looks like the champion of secularism is now afraid by the Modi’s recent remark over graveyard and light. Till now for many of the political parties the meaning of secularism was to just favor one religious community and talk and do everything at the time of election that can give them vote.

Secularism was never to be part of the Indian Constitution when the Constitution of India was built. This was later included in the 42nd amendment in 1976. The creators of the constitution knew how the word secular can be used in India in a multilingual and multi religious society.

In the west countries secularism means the principle of separation of the state from religious institutions. E.g. " he believes that secularism means no discrimination against anybody in the name of religion",  In India the term eventually sought to melted with equality to all the religions, equal respect, freedom and importance. The 42nd amendment of India made it clear that Indian state won't play the game of favoritism and there would be no special status attention on any one religion.

With 40 years since that amendment was enacted with the Indians, secularism has now become a much-abused term and favorite among the political parties — a word so much violated so much in spirit and letter that it meaning has changed and has come to mean the opposite of what it was actually  intended for. It is now a code word. A rampant favouritism and pitting one religion against other, give one religion for the sake of vote and deprive other, this is what has become secularism and a easy tool to win any election. If we watch closely this has what happened over the years and one party ruled over India in majority of location. However this is now changing.

Once again, the most of this word usage in real and political life must go to the Congress which converted the word secularism into minority-ism. However Congress never worked very hard to improve the condition of the religious minorities in India.

That would have been a laudable step especially for the Congress party if it has really done manor changes for the development of the poor section of the society.

PM Narendra Modi in Fatehpur on Sunday. Modi made the graveyard remark during the rally.

Electricity supplied in Ramzan, why not in Diwali: PM MOdi

Muslims remained far behind in almost every metric. According to the Amitabh Kundu committee report, Indian Muslims have remained behind not just in respect to the majority community but also to other smaller minority religion. A lare number of them are still bereft of basic services and consequently have little representation in Indian power structure of India and Politics.

Why did these things come to such a pass with India's default operating system, as Rahul Gandhi once said — was at work? The best answer could be If Muslims had been subjected to real socio economic development; they would have risen and demanded a better future and life. They would then have been less insecure, more aspirational. One can bet this would be more discerning in their choices, and less easily ghettoised. All this is good for the nation but bad for political parties. This was the reason when Raj Thackeray once said if Modi becomes the PM of India then he should do something for the states like UP and Bihar so that they don’t migrate to other state and remain in their state. What he meant was the people given more support in getting jobs in their state.

However the current system is based n giving poor freebie rather than long term job.

Are people just beggars whom political parties offer freebies?

It was important for Congress, and other similar copycat parties to create a paradigm where a sizeable portion of Indian population would vote out of fear and freebies. They would be pulled and driven to the poll booths not to demand a rise in their socio-economic condition but to keep the bogeymen away.

The Indian polity can be widened enough by harping on the insecurities of a particular community, and then those members would slip through the crack and remain forever in darkness and can be again driven to the polling booth election after election.

Congress and those parties that followed this model perfected model, stunting the Muslims in India and trapping them into their own identity and Ideology. They did this by slowly subverting the word secular and were helped along by the media seculars even.

  1. We see no controversy when The Calcutta High Court takes harsh notes to the West Bengal government for trying to appease the minority sections of the public.
  2. Neither do we see evil when a High Court strikes down Mamata Banerjee government's move as "unconstitutional" to provide a monthly allowance to imams and muezzins.
  3. Never we see any issue when SP minister says Muslims produce more babies because they have nothing better to do.
  4. Lastly we see anything wrong when BSP chief Mayawati seeks backing from Muslim clerics and ulemas ahead of elections.

But when see someone actually calls for an end to appeasement and giving equal to minority-majority sentiment. We wake up suddenly and get outraged not when someone appeals to Muslims to vote as a community, but when someone asks the electorate to rise above caste and community calculation.

The idea of India is shaken when an appeal and request is made to end politics of discrimination and direct the country's resources to the section that needs it the most irrespective of whether they are Hindus or Muslims or any religion.

When Modi asks for equality of whatever caste of religion then what is wrong in that

"If a village gets a graveyard, it should get a cremation ground as well. If there is electricity during Ramzan then there should be electricity during Diwali too. If there is electricity during Holi then there should be electricity during Eid too. There should not be any discrimination…" there is no word of division here. However the Congress party is knocking the doors of the Election Commission for this.

The Prime Minister should be lauded and welcomed by all the religion whether it is Hindu or Muslim, though it will be tough for the political parties to advocate him.

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