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Modi tell MPs to stop calling demonetisation 'a surgical strike'

New Delhi, Narendra Modi:  Days Rajnath calls demonetisation a ‘surgical strike’ on corruption and several BJP ministers doing the same terming it as surgical strike and hailing the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's demonetisation move as the surgical strike on black money, now NAMO has suggested the lawmakers not to do so.

Huffington Post India keeping all the total records counting the number of people ‘died’ by this ‘surgical strike’ on our monetary system. By Thursday, Day 8, the toll was 47.

BJP Parliamentary Party after having a session of Parliament. Prime Minister Modi said the party men to stop calling his demonetisation policy 'a surgical strike' on black money stating only soldiers do that.

"Tell people this is against fake currency, against terror... Don't call it surgical strike. Only a soldier can do surgical strikes. We aren't capable of it. The Opposition can say it, but you don't say it," Modi said.

While the Opposition led by Congress has termed the November 8 currency ban of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes 'a surgical strike' on the poor of the country, the BJP leaders have hailed the decision as 'a surgical strike' on black money holders.