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Mohalla Clinic Scam–Greedy Kejriwal Government-Dr Harshvardhan

New Delhi: Union Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan aimed at Mohalla clinic project of the Delhi government on Friday. Vardhan declared it as a “scam".  He further said that AAP government is cheater and greedy. The vigilance department had complained about some had demanded to seek information regarding alleged irregularities in Mohalla Clinic after which Minister informed about his discomfort regarding this.

Citing media reports, he said: "These initiatives could be such pride for Delhi, but the doctors had made fake entry of patients in their register books to earn maximum revenues. Just to inform the readers that Vardhan himself is a doctor. He further criticized the Kejriwal government by saying that how can they treat two patients in 1 minute.

Union Minister Harsh Vardhan said that it is impressive to see a patient in a minute, but to treat two patients in one minute is a scam. Fake entry is made for patients in clinics run by  AAP government and not only that they are also given unwanted medicines.

He tweeted with the below messages: