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Mood of the Nation Poll: Jobs are concern, Popularity increase of PM Modi

Mood of the Nation Poll: The poll was conducted by today Group-Karvy Insights Mood of the Nation (MOTN) opinion poll shows that Modi-led BJP remains unbeatable despite more than 60 per cent people believing that demonetisation has caused more pain than gain.

Three years have passed since Prime Minister Narendra Modi's first term. As Modi was popular three years back, his popularity still remains the same today. Even though his fans are still liking him, people are very upset due to lack of employment and less job creation. According to India Today's Mood of the Nation Poll, Modi's popularity is still the Supreme. Nearly 12,178 people were surveyed in the country, in which they were asked about PM Modi. On one hand, people are liking Modi, but 53 percent of the people say that the main reason behind the economic crisis is because of people no having employment.

In addition, people say that farmers suicides are due to debt, people are worried due to rising prices of tomato, Dal, ghee and vegetables, which are used in everyday life. According to the survey conducted six months ago, 17 percent of people have disbelief in getting jobs. Nearly 60 percent of voters believe that due to the ban was made by PM Modi in November last year has created loss for the people the people and no one has benefited from it. In spite of such difficulties, people like PM Modi very much.

This praise of PM Modi proves that people are liking the work of this government, whether it is to bring out the drafting through the ban on corruption, or to remain a corrupt free government, all these things are increasing the popularity of PM Modi among the people. At the same time, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Home Minister Rajnath Singh have described the people of the Modi Cabinet as the finest speaker. According to the survey, if the Lok Sabha elections are held now, the NDA can get 349 seats with 42 percent votes. If you talk about Congress, then they can get 75 seats with 28 percent votes.