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Mother throws 7-yr-old Aisika Sarkar twice a building, Girl dies

Bengaluru: This can be seen as a major pathetic condition in our society and someone comes to hear of such news. The incident if from Bengaluru, Karnataka, when a mother throws her own Girl child, Aisika Sarkar off the building and not only once but twice from the rented flat on the third floor at Jaraganahalli in JP Nagar on Sunday afternoon.

As per the witness, the 7years old girl survived the first fall with serious injuries and soon the mother came down and took her up again and threw her again to make sure she did not make it this time, what a horrible incident said the residents at the near bye place who were witness to this incident.

The residents of the Jaraganahalli area, caught up the woman and tied her to an electric pole. Soon the police arrived and took the women into custody. The accused woman was working as a teacher recently about two years ago and was separated from her husband a few months ago, a business analyst with a private firm in Indiranagar. Police claimed that the woman seemed mentally disturbed and told them that her daughter was restless and she decided to throw her down to calm her.

The residents said that Aisika only started speaking recently and was little slow learner, she had not yet started going to school as well.

The Incident happened at around 3:30 PM and the Residents came to know about the incident when they heard the loud thud sound on Sunday and rushed to the spot to find Shreya Sarkar, badly injured and lying in a pool of blood. Soon her mother Sathi Sarkar, alias Swathi, 36, came rushing down.

The people near bye thought initially that the mother came down to take the kid and help her to take to hospital, but instead the woman took the child back upstairs and threw her down again killing her on the spot.

It is assumed that Swati is mentally ill and has a anger problem, which was later claimed by her husband as well. Her husband came every month to give her monthly expenses.  

The police arrived at the spot and soon took Swathi into custody. The Police said that Swathi was married to Kanchan Sarkar and the couple had moved to Bengaluru from West Bengal about 10 years ago.

Puttenahalli  Police have registered a case and are expected to subject the accused to psychiatric evaluation as part of the investigation.