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Motor Vehicle Act Rules 2020 new driving licence rules to be implemented from Oct 1

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New Delhi: The government of India has come up with a huge amendment to the driving and the rules of the Motor vehicle act rules 2020. Each and every driver on the road should know the changes or the updated rules.

Motor Vehicle Act Rules 2020: Important news for vehicle drivers.

From October 1, many rules related to the RC and driving license of the vehicle will be changed. According to the new rules, you will no longer need to keep a hard copy of documents like RC and driving license while driving. Now you can also drive with a valid soft copy of all these documents.

Digital copy is valid now

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made the changes in the Motor Vehicle Act rules, which will come into effect from October 1. In this, the necessary documents related to the vehicle like license, registration documents, fitness certificate, permits, etc. can be maintained through the government-run web portal. That is, now you will not need to keep all these. You can show a digital copy of these documents when asked for while checking.

Changes will be made in the rules related to Bank, RC, DL, LPG-Gas from October 1, it is important for you to know

Online checking

During the examination of vehicle documents, physical documents will not be demanded in lieu of documents of vehicles found valid through electronic means. Also, all information related to the documents will be available with the traffic authorities.

Did you know that now you can use mobile phones while driving?

Drivers can use mobile while driving

over the use of mobile while driving has also changed the rules. Under which, now the mobile phone in hand will be used only for route navigation like google map usages, only in a condition that the driver must not be distracted while driving and should not be distracting others as well while driving.

A fine of 1 thousand to 5 thousand rupees can be imposed for talking to mobile while driving. This rule will also come into effect from October 1.

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