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MP CM Shivraj says, purchase of agriculture below MSP is crime

Madhya Pradesh: Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh called of his indefinite fast today on Sunday and also announced that buying agriculture produce from farmers below the minimum support price (MSP) will be considered as crime.

Shivraj Singh launched his fast on Saturday to seek back peace in the Madhya Pradesh state. He decided to break the fast as no further violence was reported in the last two days. However his government has come under widespread criticism in the wake of the farmer’s agitation which started from Malwa region on June 1 and later spread to other parts of the state in the days ahead.

Six farmers were dead in all this agitation. Five people died because of the police firing whereas one succumbed to death on Friday.

The MSP directive is one of the few welfare measures that were announced for the state’s farmers. Though no loan waiver was announced, Shivraj Singh said that funds would be given to let the farmers repay the debt at zero percent interest.

The CM said that a land-use advisory service will be launched for the benefit of the farmers. He also promised to do a scientific system to evaluate the milk price. He promised to build a Kisan upbhokta Kendra.

Apart from this the CM Singh also assured the farmers that their land will not be taken without their consent for any development work.

The CM of Madhya Pradesh promised for Sevier punishment to the policeman who had opened fire at the farmers. Apart from this he had also assured compensation to those who suffered property loss as the agitation. He said he will not allow violence in MP at any state. Such cases will be investigated thoroughly and the guilty parties will be punished.