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MR Ravish, PM is not a journalist, you can’t ask him whom to follow

New Delhi: Recently a very power speech was given by Ravish Kumar after the gruesome murder of senior journalist and activist Gauri Lankesh outside her house in Bengaluru, has resulted in outrage across the country. Editors and others have condemned the murder, also expressing concern over what they described as a growing intolerance to dissent. At the Press Club in New Delhi, journalists gathered on Wednesday to condemn the killing. NDTV's Ravish Kumar, said first we need to know who killed Ms Lankesh.

It was also important Ravish not only blamed the death on the state government, but also stated that there was laxity in the state of Karnataka. Moreover he concentrated in blaming the Maharashtra and the focused on the people whom Narendra Modi follows.

Let’s us tell you whom a person can follow is his/her personal choice. If I follow someone it doesn’t means he/she can’t give his/her view on anything.  So why is Ravish Kumar and other secular people are so worried of Narendra Modi, about whom is following and tomorrow they can come up with why he is not following someone.

The BJP has verified from its twitter account the “PM following someone is not a character certificate of a person and is not in anyway a guarantee of how a person would conduct himself. However, PM also follows Rahul Gandhi, who is accused in loot and fraud. PM also follows Arvind Kejriwal, who abused him on twitter and told a woman ‘Settle Kar lo’ when she complained of a party member molesting her. PM still follows Parthesh Patel,a former BJP volunteer who joined Congress and abused PM in the worst possible language’

The question is How as a media person instead of asking for the correct implementation of law and order, whether it be in Karnataka state where the Congress is in power or in the Maharashtra where the BJP is in power, we are not talking about Kerala where many number of deaths have occurred due to politics, instead we are talking on whom the PM is following on twitter and whether he is going to ask sorry for following certain people of India.

Why this journalist not concerned for every death in the country and even why they are so selective.