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Mulayam's son Prateek Yadav likes travelling in Rs. five crore Lamborghini

Lucknow, Prateek Yadav: In the time of election almost knocking the door of Uttar Pradesh it is not a good sign for the Samajwadi Camp. Mulayam Singh’s second son Prateek Yadav was seen driving a whooping Rs 5 crore Lamborghini on the roads of Lucknow on Friday, this will definitely attract eye balls .

Samajwadi party seen as a pro left wing however the words and action do not mach when the party head Mulayam Singh Yadav's second son Prateek Yadav, drove his luxurious Rs. five crore Lamborghini on the roads of Lucknow on Friday.

Prateek is Mulayam Singh’s younger son from his second wife Sadhana Gupta. He is a Gym freak and not much in politics.

Prateek is graduate from a University of Leeds and manages the family's massive land holdings.

Prateek had earlier tried for getting party tickets for the 2014 general election, even pushed for getting ticket by his mother and uncle Shivpal Yadav but was unable to get a party ticket to contest from Samajwadi Party.

(Source: ANI News)