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Mumbai Ola & UBER cabs asked to install speed limit to 80 kmph

Mumbai, OLA Services: In order to control the number of accidents on the road the especially by the private cab services like OLA, Uber and any other Mumbai cab services. the Mumbai Metropolitan Region have asked to install a speed limit on the  private vehicles to a speed limit to 80  kmpl.

The Metro rules applies to radio taxis, kaali peelis and cabs affiliated to app based service providers like Ola and Uber. Apart from this tempos and pick up vans with weight of less than 3.5 tonnes will also have to install the speed limits.

This move will reduce the number of accidents as the majority of accidents are caused due to the increase in speed limit. As per estimates 42 percent accidents are caused due to speed limit. In Mumbai the incidents of speeding vehicles has been increasing in the recent times. Taxis have been running in higher speed at small subways.

The Maharashtra transport office have also issued a RTO circular on Thursday, to not to give clearance to any taxi undergoing a fitness test, until a speed governor is installed.  Currently more than 300 cab drivers are waiting for their positive fitness test.

The new speed governor will cost Rs 10,000 per unit which many of the drivers are opposing to have it installed.

The Centre had earlier issued a notification after the ruling of the High Court making speed governors mandatory in commercial vehicles.