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Mysore Zoo opened after month due to bird flu- Visitors back

Mysore Zoo, reopens – After deaths of 6 migratory birds in the last month of December, the zoo officials realized that the birds are effected with bird flu. About, 6000 visitors make their way to zoo every day. There is chances that the flu can be transmitted to humans. Even though this disease cannot be transmitted to humans, as a precautionary measure, zoo is being closed from 4th of Jan. As per the initial orders, it shall remain closed for one more month.

The zoo was reopned on Feb 4th 2017. 

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Mysore zoo History – The Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens (Mysore zoo) is spread across 157 acres ad it is only 1 km away from Mysore Palace. This zoo was developed in year 1892, under the rule of Sri Chamarajendra Wadiyar Bahadur. It has been most attractive destination for tourists visiting Mysore. In its history of 125 years, it will be closed for 1 month for first time.  

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About the birds which died due to Flu - Among the 6 birds which are dead due bird flu: two are spot billed pelicans and other four were Greylag geese. All of them were migratory birds and came here due appropriate atmosphere provided to them by zoo management.  There are 813 birds in the zoo and as per the information provided by the zoo authorities all of them are in good condition. The confirmation of the avian influenza (bird flu) was made from the samples being sent to National Institute of High Security and Animal Disease, Bhopal. After getting test results the death of birds was confirmed due to flu.

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