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Narendra modi has done a good job in having a minister like Mahesh Sharma

In all the prime ministers India has ever given to its people, no doubt Narendra modis name will be long remembered. No doubt Narendra modi has extensively promoted the values of Indian culture and tourism in all his foreign visits. Each and every time when he addressed to the people outside he has given the high values the country and its people, especially for the growth of the girl child.

Do not forget the beti bachao beti padhao(Save girl child, educate girl child) initiative by the modi government, launched on 22 January 2015,  is a Government of India scheme that aims to generate awareness and improve the efficiency of welfare services meant for women. The Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (BBBP) Scheme was introduced in October, 2014 to address the issue of declining child sex ratio (CSR).

Another such scheme was the hashtag #SelfieWithDaughter was promoted on social media in June 2015, which started when the sarpanch of the village Bibipur in Haryana took a selfie with his daughter and posted on Facebook on 19 June 2015. The hashtag garnered worldwide fame.

Likewise much such soft promotion for women and girl child has been the focus of the Government of India. Let us keep aside modi from all this and focus on Mahesh Sharma

Let us first know what has Mahesh Sharma, a doctor-turned-businessman cum politician, as tourism and culture minister, has actually said

As per the Indianexpress

Union Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma on Sunday advised tourists not to wear skirts and refrain from going out alone at night in small towns. Responding to questions from the media about the safety of tourists in Agra during a press conference, Sharma said here, “…Paryatako ko, jab wo airport par aate hain, unko ek welcome kit di jaa rahi hai. Ek card hai usme, usme do’s and don’ts, kya karein aur kya na karein. Jaise chhoti chhoti batein hain, humne unhe bataya ke aap chhoti jagah par raat-waat ke time akele na niklein, skirts na pahnein… Doosra humne unhe bataya ki aap jis gaadi mein baithe, us gaadi ki number plate ka photo le lein aur apne… kisi dost ko forward kar dein… (We give welcome kits to tourists when they land at the airport. The kit includes a card with do’s and don’ts such as, do not venture out alone at night in small towns, do not wear skirts; take a picture of the registration number of the vehicle you use and send it to a friend…)”

India is a country with a population of 1.25 billion and there is a different type of culture every 100 meters living in India.

Different cast and creeds of people living across, from Very rich, to rich, to poor all are living across the Country. Even we have sons and daughter and at home and based on the place when he she is going we advice them what to wear and what not to wear. If it is too late at night we even advice them what to do and what not to do. Like if it is a girl we tend to advice them not to go in alone places.

Now the question is the police not capable of, answer it is capable to help protect the foreign visitors but we know this can be sometimes not sufficient enough to protect them. Police can’t be standing in each and every corner of the road.

The first protection an individusual can take is from him only.

So what is wrong if someone visiting our country is advised with some basic things which might protect in case if certain bad situation arises?

People, who are opposing, do not want to face this correct question’s we all face at home when we go out of our house. Isn’t we are asked by our mother or father to be safe. In the current day of the media and social media, we can easily send and keep the numbers of the vehicle we are travelling. What is wrong in having the information of the place and people we are travelling?

What is wrong in having knowledge about countries geographical and people’s behavior and religious sentiment? There is nothing wrong.

It is not good that if you are visiting someone house you should follow some of the basic ethics of that house.

Mahesh Sharma has done the same thing by giving a tender advice. It is not something like dikkat or strict rules and it is up to the people visiting this beautiful country whether they want to follow this or not.

Better be safe then be in problem. Do think on this.