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Narendra Modi: highlights of the Kanpur Parivartan Rally

UP election 2017, Kanpur Rally:  Addressing a Parivartan rally at Kanpur Narendra Modi, asked for the peoples support to accomplish the dream of honest and corruption free nation.

Modi said, in the last few days where ever he had been he can see a storm of change in UP.

On the problem being faced by the people he said the difficulties that common people had faced due to demonetisation was not for their own benefit but for the better future of entire country. Therefore, they will get its positive result soon. Government will win this fight for the honest people.

PM blamed the opposition for not running of the Parliament. He said, "There were obstacles even before in the Parliament, however this is for the first time the parliament was not run, in order to protect the dishonest and corrupt”. “Humara agenda hai ki kaala dhan bandh ho aur unka agenda hai ki sansad bandh ho,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Parivartan Rally in Kanpur.

On demonetisation, PM thanked the nation, he said. "The fight against black money as a soldier and work towards the bright future of the country”.

He said this is technology because which we are able to track and catch hold of the people who are stashing black money.

15,000 people will get rewarded with an amount of Rs 1,000 for using digital mode of payment including debit card, credit card, mobile banking and other. It will start from November 25 and to be continue for 100 days. Shopkeepers who are using debit or credit cards to receive payments will also receive rewards in thousands of rupees in a lucky draw scheme, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Parivartan Rally in Kanpur.

Ek nirnay se ache achon ka khel khatam ho gaya.Kuch logon ko lagta tha bank mein paise daal diya toh safed ho gaye, yahin galti kar gaye: PM Narendra Modi.

Christmas Gift: PM Modi said “The Indian government has come up with a huge plan to support online payment and the award will be given as a Christmas gift on 25 December. He said people who have made any purchase after 8th November by debit card, Mobile wallet then one lucky number will be generated and based on the number generated a lucky draw will be done on 25th December and 15000 people will be getting Rs 15000 directly credited to their account”

On Uttar Pradesh people and State

People are tired of “gundaraj” in Uttar Pradesh. Now honest people will bring change in the state.

Many initiatives have been taken by the Government to empower the youth especially in Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh will witness “aandhi” of parivartan.