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New Delhi: In the third reshuffle of the Modi government, once again the things were done in Modi style. All the earlier predictions were of no use for the media, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken two ministers from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh with him, a minister has been given place from three states including Madhya Pradesh. For the first time, two former retired officers have been given a place in the House and he has given a message of his strategy for the 2019 election by electing this members. There will be two retired IAS, one IPS and one IFS minister in the Modi government. In this reshuffle, they have not notified the allies of the Modi government, thus have also made it clear that the BJP government will work without pressure. Nitish Kumar got the biggest shock in this, because as if he had left the party with Laloo in haste, he was confident that the Defense or the Home Minister position would be given to him, but none from his party as well got a single position in the Union Cabinet.

Looking at the latest information, the way the media was kept in the dark. Shah had warned BJP leaders in Bhopal that no one would talk to the media. Despite this, some information was reached up to the media and when asked about it in the press conference, first he said that we made the media confused  and later reformed and said that we deliberately misinformed the information. Almost the repetition of this situation was made about the news about the flying Modi cabinet.  The news that was given to the media was based on estimates. As the news was getting caught in the media earlier, there would be ten new faces in the Modi Cabinet but at night the number came down to 9. It was also said that Nitish was being given a place in the Modi Cabinet, but Modi did not allow a single MP from his party to come close to him. Almost the same condition of Shiv Sena was also. Modi also showed a mirror to other allies.

As Modi-Shah has always been taking shocking decisions. While serving this tradition, he joined 4 retired officers in his cabinet and made it known that he can take any decision, any time. The biggest thing is that skepticism about Uma Bharati's resignation has not yet been sorted out. The first aggressive Uma Bharti probably had received a message from within that suddenly she changed her attitude and began to talk about the resignation and not to say no. It is understood that if she is freed from the Cabinet, she can be given the post of governor, but later the news came that his department would be changed to become a minister. Madhya Pradesh MP Anand Kumar has been announced as a minister, while in line, the  other names are  Vinay Sahastrabuddhe, Prahalad Patel, Rakesh Singh, Prabhat Jha and Bhopal were named as Alok Sanjar. Anand Kumar's name was nowhere but Modi did not miss the surprise.

The special mention of this third reshuffle in the Modi Government was that the information and news coming to the Cabinet reshuffle in the media was not official. Neither any BJP spokesperson gave any information nor did any minister confirm this. However, the ministers who have resigned from Modi have certainly conveyed their resignation to the media.

The news is too hot that Faggan Singh Kulaste, who was removed from the Madhya Pradesh, will be made the president of Madhya Pradesh BJP but it seems that this news will also be beaten. As the prediction is that the new president of Madhya Pradesh BJP can be Narottam Mishra. It depends on the fact that the court gives relief in the case of his Paidnews or remains firm on the judgment given earlier. If the court does not give its verdict in favor of Narottam Mishra, then he cannot be contested for three years but the moment of the momentum is Amit Shah's choice. They had confirmed this by visiting Narottam Mishra's house on Bhopal migration. In such a case, Narottam Mishra can be used in the organization. It has two advantages. The first is that BJP will get the benefit of the organization skills of Narottam and secondly it will be able to maintain such talent like Narottam.

In this latest reshuffle of the Modi government, one more twist will remain that which one will be given the ministry? The memory of everyone is related to Irani because the impression was made earlier that due to Modi's resignation, she was given a textile ministry. There is no symptom of change in the high profile ministers departments like Sushma Swaraj, Jaitley, Ravi Shankar and Rajnath Singh. The four retired officers are being made ministers, one of them is expected to lead the defense and give one to the Home Ministry. It is possible that if Smriti is removed from MIB, one of two out of these retired IASs can be given the charge of MIB.

Relief to Raman, Shivraj and Vasundhara

The news of the change of these three chief ministers was intensified as news of the modification of the Modi Cabinet, but due to non-resignation of Haryana Chief Minister Khattar, all of them have got the affirmation till 2018. It seems that till the next assembly elections these chief ministers will not be changed. Shivraj Singh Chauhan's role is also important in not changing these Chief Ministers. Shah had also said in his Bhopal stay that the assembly elections of 2018 will be fought under the leadership of Shivraj Singh, and this concrete proof of not being affected in this alteration was found.

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