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Nitish Kumar shows signs to support Meira Kumar as president candidate

Bihar: Earlier Nitish Kumar showed signs to support the BJP’s candidate for the Presidential election and there was a serious controversy and dispute in the opposition because of this, due to the support of the NDA candidate between the Congress and the JD (U), probably the intervention of Rahul Gandhi, who is being told that he has instructed his party leaders not to speak against Nitish Kumar. With all this and Rahuls intervention the dispute seems to be settled now. According to the media report, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has taken the side of Nitish Kumar firmly and directed his party leaders to stay away from criticizing the JDU chief. Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee President Ashok Chaudhary confirmed his meeting with his party Vice President Rahul Gandhi in Delhi earlier this week but he declined detailed information about the meeting. According to the media report, Rahul indicated signs of action against party leaders who issued a statement against Nitish during the meeting. At the time when the debate in the Congress and JDU deterioted, Rahul was out of the country. Controversy between Congress and JD (U) deepened earliar, when Ghulam Nabi Azad of Congress accused Nitish Kumar of the support of NDA candidate Ram Nath Konvid for the upcoming July 17 presidential election to ensure the defeat of "Bihar's daughter" Meira Kumar. .

Azad had attacked Nitish directly and said that those who have ideology make a decision while those who have many ideologies make different decisions. After this comment of Azad, some Congress leaders in the state had also attacked the JDU chief. Nitish, while reversing the Congress, said that "Bihar's daughter" was chosen for green. During the tenure of the UPA government two occasions came, why did not they make the candidate at that time? On the remarks of Azad, JD (U) also reversed saying that he is not a "backlink" of anyone.

After this intervention of Rahul, who has a good relationship with Nitish, the differences in the Congress and JDU have probably ended. The talk of ending the differences between the two parties has come to an end when Meira kumar, the opposition candidates of the opposition parties is coming to Bihar on their three-day visit. Meira will meet the Congress and RJD legislators and MPs on Thursday but her meeting with Nitish is not fixed.

JD (U) National Secretary General KC Tyagi said they will attend the meeting if called for the selection of Vice Presidential candidate, to be held in the month of August. Tyagi also said that his party Vice President will support the joint candidate of the opposition for the elections, if JDU is contacted and it is called for the meeting.

Asked whether he was in the meeting, Tyagi said that in this regard, his party's national president Nitish Kumar and senior leader Sharad Yadav will decide. Education Minister and State Congress President Ashok Chaudhary in Bihar Government said that we expect JDU Vice President to be with us in the elections.