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Nitish questions center, what had been achieved by demonetisation

Bihar, Nitish Yadav: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was the only person from the Opposition camp who was in constant support of Prime Minister over the demonetisation. However today he made a complete u-turn from his previous position on this.

At the launch of P Chidambaran’s book Fearless in Opposition, Nitish asked the Centre to come clear on what had been achieved by demonetisation so far. He said there is no use in diverting attention from the issue.

Supporting Dr Manmohan Singh that demonetisation was monumental mismanagement. The Centre has to tell us what the benefit of the demonetisation was.

The center cannot divert from the issue. He further says when it has not worked anywhere in the world cashless or less cash economy, then how will it work in a country like India?," the Bihar Chief Minister asked.

He called the  Opposition to put up a united front from against the ruling dispensation, Nitish further asked, the Centre needs to answer all questions regarding demonetisation, as it was about time and it can’t run away from this.

He says “There must not be any question other than asking how much of black money has been recovered after demonetisation and how successful the policy of demonetisation was and what is the road map for the future. The duty of the opposition is to ask such questions, even though it may be critical for the government.