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No Fly list for Passengers, center to announce rule today

New Delhi: Thanks to Ravindra Gaikwad the  Shiv Sena MP because of whom the Country and the airlines realised that they need a no fly list for passengers. The who assaulted an Air India manager, Gaikwad hit 62-year-old R Sukumar with his slipper on a plane, has forged an epochal moment for India. For the first time ever, rules are being announced for a "no-fly" list that will prevent passengers with a record of unruliness from boarding a flight in India.


What thing a passenger must have done to qualify for the no-fly list

  1. A  passengers should have either created problems on either a flight or at any airport;
  2. any disruption to what's considered "a normal flying process" will be considered an offense.
  3. Existing rules authorize airlines to bar a person at the time of boarding if a passenger's conduct has been disruptive or threatened the security of co-passengers or the flight.


The new proposal to change in the rule of no fly list will be announced today by Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju, who famously reprimanded Mr Gaikwad in parliament in April for his behavior.

Airlines will consult with aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to further develop the guidelines and to add a person to the no-fly list, the regulator's approval will be mandatory.

Once on the no-fly list, a passenger will not be able to book or buy a plane ticket.

The new rules however will be applicable only for a fixed period of time and the passenger will have the right to appeal.

The no-fly list will be public, and sources said airlines may be allowed to ask for passengers to voluntarily disclose their Aadhaar numbers when they buy tickets.

If a person misbehaves, it won't be the airlines who will decide whether he/she gets on the no fly list but the DGCA.  

As per the IATA, in 2015, there were a whooping 10,854 cases reported for unruly behaviour by the passengers across airlines worldwide.