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No more votes in the name of Cast and religion bars SC. Will politician follow?

New Delhi, Supreme Court of India: The Supreme Court on Monday passed a judgment that no more seeking votes in the name of religion, caste, race, community or language just before the election.

It will be a big impact to major political parties if they follow this conduct from the root level of the party itself. It was also observed that, if you are secular, seek votes in a secular manner, why seek votes in the name of religion, cast race, community or language.

Heading a seven-judge bench, Chief Justice of India TS Thakur said the secular ethos of the Constitution had to be maintained by keeping elections a secular exercise.

The time if the election is just too close and this is a big impact, especially for Mayawati known for seeking votes by saying Dalit ki beti, as quoted in indiasamvad.co.in

But as said in India, people are widely divided across the states based largely in religion and language. Politics is most often termed as based on the identity politics, where each individual himself represent himself as the representative of that society and this also act as a vote to that party.

Politics in India is mainly caste based and often the several caste of people unite on the common grounds. But do we see, much of the growth in that society. For example the Political utilization of the Muslims by the big Muslim leaders and growing bigger have not yet given much growth in the Muslim community. Same in the Hindu united in the name of religion there is no much difference apart from just being the vote bank to the political parties.

The verdict does not clarify to which religion, caste, race, community or language one cannot speak during an election speech.


*Function of an elected representative must be secular in both outlook and practice.

*Religion has no role in electoral process which is a secular activity.

This is the best time to check if the Supreme Court verdict is being followed by the political parties, in the upcoming election especially in UP where Ram Temple in Ayodhya and caste-based mobilization can be top poll planks. In Punjab, religion is also a major campaign issues.

Looks like The last judgment under T.S Thakur who will retire on 4 January 2017 will be the last and best judgment. All the political parties as well as non political parties supported and appreciated this law.