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Now the election commission must challenge Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: The MCD election is over in New Delhi and no doubt that Arvind Kejriwal, led AAM Aadmi Party is the looser in this election.

To proceed further I will quote an example, in web media there are times when some people promote their websites on facebook and other social media. This people give some catching topics to attract the users. The users sometimes click the pages and often they find there is nothing in the content. So actually the user is fooled once and might be twice. The same thing happened with kejriwal people have come to know that he is not serious with his job and subsequently people have started voting less for him.

Now after losing after the MCD election and also from before kejriwal has been accusing the election commission for his loss. He has been targeting the EVM machines and pointed fingers directly on the election commission. For his loss kejriwal is not only complaining to the EC but also pointed fingers to the Aam Aadmi of Delhi.

An Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) is the Election Commission (EC) property and just as democracy is people’s property and prerogative. The election Commission has done its job successfully by conducting a fare election.  Now it is election commission turn to throw a open challenge directly to kejriwal to come and hack the EVM machines.

AAP is in shamble, the Faith in its ‘supreme leader’ Kejriwal is broken, there is no ideology to hold on to, the cause has long been lost and the lease term for their backyard Delhi is ending. Arvind Kejriwal, well aware of the situation and to make this more worse he is constantly baliming the EVM and not even the party members are digesting this point, but they can’t do anything to stop this..

Every AAP spokesperson, leaders are coming on camera and blaming EVMs. Their faces betray one singular emotion – a sense of incredulity about what they have been told to parrot.

To sum up the Election Commission must now gear up and get back its lost credibility and throw an open challenge for anyone to come and hack the EVM machines and especially kejriwal.