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Once a great politician Lalu Yadav out but still showing strong message

Bihar, Patna: Lalu Yadav once a truly larger than life politician seems to be all surrounded, from all the sides and chances of escaping this thunder looks less time. On one hand there are allegations that, while Lalu himself was a railway minister many financial irregularities were done for which the raids are being done now. In this case the RJD supremo, his wife Rabri Devi, Bihar's Deputy Chief Minister and his son, Tejaswi Yadav, apart from this four other people’s name has come up. On the other hand, just within 24 hours of this raid, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has raided three places of Lalu's daughter Misa Bharti. This action has taken place on Misa Bharti in case of money laundering. In total, Lalu Yadav's entire family is currently on the radar of the central agencies.

Though Laloo Yadav is trying to dismiss the matter as a matter of political rivalry, the current situation shows that the present time for Lalu is very difficult. Now the challenge for Lalu is also to save his big coalition in Bihar, because Nitish Kumar's attitude is not clear at the present time. In recent times, many decisions of Nitish have been indicative of the fact that Nitish wants to get his relations back to BJP again.
Though Nitish has kept silent on the issue of Lalu till now, but Nitish, who is very sensitive about his image, will not keep quiet on this issue for a long time. There is little hope for lalu this time. There will be no problem for Nitish Kumar in running the government without the support of Lalu for Nitish, since BJP is ready for support to Nitish. In such a situation, if Nitish left Lalu and joins the BJP again, then it may prove to be a complete breakdown in the political career of Lalu Prasad Yadav, not a complete short break, but he may be out forever.

It is not the first time that Lalu Yadav has been accused of corruption, Lalu has already got many allegations, but these allegations did not get any special effect on Lalu's politics. After being accused, Laloo emerged more stronger after every loss. When Laloo had to go to jail in the fodder scam case, he made his wife Rabri Devi the Chief Minister of Bihar and got a bumper victory in the elections that followed. Rabri Devi remained the Chief Minister of Bihar and Lalu came to center politics. However, later in the same case, The Supreme Court in September 2013, disqualified Lalu Prasad from contesting elections for 11 years.
But the truth is that there has been a lot of difference between then and now, Lalu is now no more such powerful leader he used to be, there was a time when people just used to stop and listen to him, but now all is over. Laloo himself cannot contest elections due to the Supreme Court bans and his sons have not yet made their political clout. The current charge on Lalu can weaken Lalu, despite having a lot of seat in Bihar, Lalu is now on back foot. Every possible attempt of Lalu will be that he can keep Nitish with him in any way. Because it was Nitish Kumar who had brought Lalu's sinking Naiya to the shore in the elections of 2015, and again Laloo would need them to save his shop, and if it does not happen, then with Lalu, his children’s political life can be dark.

Will Nitish take him out of this situation
For lalu now only one person can save him and take him out if there is any solution Lalu knows well that his work of non-alliance is not going to work without Though the CBI may get the post of parrot, but Nitish Kumar is not Parrot CBI for Lalu. Nitish is like a parrot for Lalu in which his life is kept. If the Parrot fly, than it will be Lalu whom will be suffering the actual pain and finish line for RJD political carrier as well.  Whatever the political matters of CBI's action against Lalu and his family, one thing is clear that the CBI has so many evidence against Lalu's yadav, that his escape from it is almost impossible at the moment.  
Lalu has always an aggressive stand against Prime Minister Modi and BJP. Lalu is saying this every time that he is not afraid. Lalu too knows that he is badly trapped, but wants to give the message that all this is happening only for political reasons .

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