People of Delhi have given me a responsibility and I can't be the Chief Minister of Punjab, Kejriwal


Punjab, Arvind Kejriwal: Politics is all about confusion, you sometimes even play with the minds of people to make them think the way you think. Indeed this can be so true with the present scenario of Arvind-Sisodia case. When one says vote if Arvind Kejriwal be the CM and the other says I am the CM of New Delhi.

Putting present speculation to rest Arvind Kejriwal today asserted that the Chief Minister of Punjab will be someone from Punjab itself.

He said at a rally in Patiala "How can I be the chief minister of Punjab when I am the chief minister of Delhi? He had been given responsibility by the people of Delhi and I can't be the Chief Minister of Punjab,”

Just a day before Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia had dropped a bomb when he said people to vote in the assembly elections scheduled for February 4, assuming Kejriwal is their CM and later he clarified that whoever becomes the Chief Minister, it will be Kejriwal responsibility to ensure that all promises made during the election are fulfilled.

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