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PM Modi attacks SP, UP schools do not have adequate teachers

Uttar Pradesh, Kannauj: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed a large gathering in Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh. Shri Modi noted that there was tremendous enthusiasm among people in Uttar Pradesh and it was a clear indication in which way the wind was blowing.

Shri Modi congratulated ISRO scientists for launching 104 satellites in one go. He added that scientists have made the entire nation proud.

The Prime Minister said that the first responsibility of the government was to work for the poor, the marginalized and the underprivileged. “The Government allocates resources to feed the poor but the UP government does not have any keenness to feed the poor,” said the PM. “Sadly the Government in UP is against the empowerment of the poor,” he further added.

PM Modi expressed concern over the poor education system in UP and remarked, “Schools in UP do not have teachers in adequate number. Is this how the poor of India will be empowered,” he remarked.

PM Modi emphasized that welfare of farmers was important for his Government. “Our Government is committed to welfare of farmers in UP. Our Government would waive off loans of small farmers, if voted to power.”

PM attacked the opposition and said, “SP, BSP, Congress all are favouring each other in some way or the other in these elections. Once, they all used to blame each other but see the situation now. They are resisting from giving statements against each other.” He added, “For Uttar Pradesh's growth and development, BJP is the only ray of hope.”

Shri Modi also attacked UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and said, “Does Akhilesh ji even recall that Congress attacked Mulayam Singh ji back in 1984? And today you have allied with them only! This clearly shows that SP can do anything to retain power.”

He further alleged that the SP government had only helped increasing crime and corruption in the state. He said, “What is 'UP' in Uttar Pradesh are crime rates, migration of youth for jobs, corruption, riots, poverty, mortality rate, school dropouts.”

PM Modi stated that to reduce corruption govt has eliminated interviews for jobs for grade 3 and 4 in Government, “Earlier bribes used to be taken for grade 3 and 4 jobs. We've done away with interview processes. This has put a check on corruption.” He further said, “I'm able to fight against black money and corruption due to the blessings of 125 crore Indians.”