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PM Modi on 3 day foreign tour will have dinner with Donald Trump at White House on 26

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi left for a four-day foreign trip on Saturday. PM Modi will visit three countries during this four-day foreign visit. Today PM Modi will arrive in Portugal. PM Modi meets PM Antonio Costa of Portugal, in Lisbon. It is believed that Modi will discuss with him to further strengthen the bilateral relations, especially economic cooperation, science and technology, cooperation in the field of space and mutual relations between the people. Prime Minister Modi will be on the tour of the United States on June 25 and 26.

On Monday, June 26, PM Modi will meet US President Donald Trump. Modi will discuss several issues including terrorism along with Trump, Indian concerns about potential changes in H-1B visa rules. It is believed that defense relations between Modi and Trump are also expected to be discussed. They have about five hours to know each other.

PM Modi will be the first leader who will have dinner with Donald Trump. Before that Trump has done many foreign trips, but no foreign leader has dinner with him in the White House. Earlier, the Trump administration had expressed happiness on PM Modi's visit to the US. State Department from the US said while releasing the statement that the visit of PM Modi will strengthen the relations between the two countries, while also helping both countries help each other in fighting the fight against terrorism.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that his forthcoming US visit aims to create a future vision for strengthening bilateral partnerships and relations between the two countries. Modi said that he is very much looking forward to the opportunity of exchange of ideas between the two countries. Modi tweeted, "The goal of my American tour is to deepen the relations between the two countries. Indo-US relations will prove to be beneficial for our nation and the world.

Meanwhile, through a Facebook post, Modi said that he is going on a two-day visit to Washington on June 25 at an invitation by Trump. President Trump and I have talked on the telephone before this.


During this time, we have talked about the issues of mutual benefit of the people of both countries. I see this opportunity as an exchange of ideas between the two countries so that a strong and wide partnership can be created. During this time we will discuss various joint proposals and aspects. Significantly, during the four-day foreign tour, Modi will also go to the United States including Portugal and the Netherlands.

US State Department spokesman Heather Norte said, "There are many areas of mutual cooperation between us, it is counter-terrorism, the relationship between people of both countries is strong, so we are keen on this visit." Modi and Trump are going to meet Monday in White House. This will be the first meeting of both the leaders. After the election of Trump's US President in November last year, the two leaders spoke on the phone. Even after BJP's victory in the state assembly elections, Trump had congratulated him on calling Modi.

Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar will meet with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson before PM Modi's visit to America. It is believed that Jayashankar will finalize the things before the meeting of PM Modi and Trump. Jaishankar's Deputy Foreign Minister John Sullivan is also likely to meet. In the US, the former Ambassador of India, Jayashankar, has been playing an important role in shaping the relationship between India and America in the Modi government. Prime Minister Modi's visit to America will start on June 25.