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India, New Delhi: PM Modi today became the first world leader to offer prayers at Nepal's iconic Muktinath temple, revered by Hindus and Buddhists. it is quite common how election happens every year in India, however it is quite amusing to see the congress party like already preparing to say after the loss of Karnataka elections. Prime Minister Modi, who is currently on a two-day visit to Nepal to strengthen Indo-Nepal ties

Senior Congress leader Brijesh Kalappa claimed that the EVMs are working in favour of the BJP by tweeting “There are 5 booths opposite my Parent's apartment at RMV II Stage, Bengaluru. In the 2nd booth, any button pressed registers a vote ONLY to kiwi mele Kamala i.e Kamal ke phool. Angry voters are returning without casting their vote.”

Now the Congress party is claiming that PM Modi is influencing the voters in Karnataka with his Nepal Visit: Congress

Another Congress leader Ashok Gehlot, went a step ahead and claimed that PM Modi held his Nepal visit to influence the voters in the Karnataka polls. “As there is model code of conduct in Karnataka, PM Modi planned to pray at temples in Nepal instead, just to influence voters. This is not a good trend for democracy. Why did he only choose today as the day?” said Ashok Gehlot.

Congress thinks that PM Modi visiting the temples will influence the Hindu voters towards them.

The Congress's Siddaramaiah, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, said the PM's temple visits proved that the party is nervous. "It clearly shows that Modi came to know that BJP would be defeated. That is why he visited temples. I do too, but not every day."

The results of what is widely predicted to be a close election battle will be declared on Tuesday.

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