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Poetic Rahul Gandhi says Read my lip

New Delhi, Rahul Gandhi: The Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday directly attacked the Prime Minister, in a personal attack he alleged regarding Modi Jee he has personal information proving his involvement in corruption which is why he is not allowed to speak in Parliament.

Rahul Gandhi said he has personal information on Narendra Modi, which he wants to keep in parliament and this  is the reason bjp is not allowing him to speak in lok sabha and PM Modi is terrified of him.

“I am a member of the parliament, I have been chosen by the people of India, the people of Amethi have choosen him, my place is to speak in the parliament and I want to keep this in the parliament.I have information about Prime minister, but I am being stopped” Said Rahul Gandhi to ANI   

Now further In a poetic way he said.. Listen, the prime minister, read my lips, the prime minister is personally terrified with the information I have, that we have with us. He further said, it is personal corruption of the prime minister, that we have detailed information on it.  

 “He has taken a decision against the poor of the country. He cannot keep running away from the House, he owes the country an explanation,” he added.

The Winter Session of the Parliament began on November 16 and has turned out to be a complete wash-out like the Monsoon Session. It will close on Friday while there have hardly been any discussions in the Upper and Lower Houses.