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Political gain for congress over Cauvery water issue in Karnataka.

India, Karnataka, 24 Sept; People who are involved in the politics and who know what politics is all about, will surely agree, that politics is all about how you neutralize our oppositions.  Once you have done that, you have neutralized your rivals you have half won the battle of the politics.

Key points how the Karnataka utilized the Cauvery issue to neutralize its rivals.

  1. First the Karnataka government defies the Supreme Court order; here it comes in a situation to let the people know that the water in the Cauvery is first for the drinking purpose for its people.
  2. The Karnataka legislature on Friday passed a resolution directing the state government to use water in the four reorvoir in the Cauvery basin , amounting to 27.6 TMCFT, only for the purpose of drinking.
  3. The opposition partied like BJP, supported by Yeddyurappa and other allies like HD Deve Gowada, well have no choice but to support to this resolution.
  4. “The apex court should understand our situation. This is an unconstitutional decision” said jagdish shettar, thus again talking in the favour of the state government, no option but to support.