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Post 70th Happy Birthday to Sonia, What can be the gift she expect from Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Sonia Gandhi: The Congress President Sonia Gandhi turned 70 years on 9th December and it is no doubt that she has been doing a good job in and around the congress party, to keep united the party and all its member ever since She became the president of the Indian national congress (INC) since 1998.

She has served as the Chairperson of the ruling United Progressive Alliance in the Lok Sabha since 2004. In September 2010, on being re-elected for the fourth time, she became the longest serving president in the 125-year history of the Congress party.

However now the situation is constantly changing in the congress Party. She is no more active in the party like the way she used to be in the earlier days of her becoming the party president. She is not seen more active and vociferous in the party against the BJP its rival party. She looks like doing the things just for the sake of doing.

Recently she spoke to Rajdeep Sardesai and still there is no clue till when she would be continuing as a congress president.

Coming Over to her son, it is no secret that Rahul is to take over from her but the Congress had denied news reports in 2013. This would have been done a long time back, but many party leaders are more worried for the fall of The Rahul Gandhi, what if he is not able to take the congress party to the same level as taken by the congress party top most leader Sonia Gandhi, what if the decision turns out to be bad decision, then what will be the second move in congress party, this makes the party fear most.

However it looks like the decision to elevate Rahul Gandhi in the congress party is taking more momentum, likely after she turned 70, Sonia, would be happy to play the role of a guide, advisor and mentor in view of the challenges that lie before the party and the need to ensure a rebellion-free transition for her son whose style of functioning and leadership qualities had often come for criticism.

Can we blame Sonia for the current party poor state, During the decade that the Congress-led coalition was in power, she failed to improve the organization and mass support, in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal — which account for 162 Lok Sabha seats. Many states where congress has been in lead had been overrun by regional parties and for that matter in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh or Chhattisgarh, where it had been displaced by the BJP.

But her biggest failing was her blind spot for her son who she has been assiduously grooming and promoting for the big job. She ushered him into politics as an MP in 2004 and then elevated him as party general secretary in 2007 and vice-president in 2013. And now the process is on to anoint him party chief in keeping with her plans.

Challenging Rahul

Rahul, if he is elevated to the post of president, I don’t understand what much difference will it make, then what is happening now. However when she hands over the INC baton, Rahul will face several challenges to deal with, many of them perhaps far worse than what she had faced:

  1. The Congress’s stock has already gone down, its footprint erased from large parts of the country and its image so corroded by scandals that the party and its leaders have lost their appeal and credibility with the people. It will be big challenge for Rahul to improve the congress stocks up again.
  2. Reviving the party
  3. Reconstructing a social base and rebuilding the credibility and image of the leadership.
  4. Rahul has to start anew. He is trying to do this by trying to connect with farmers, weavers, fishermen, dalits and other marginalised groups while painting the Modi-led government as pro-rich and pro-corporates.

The BJP-NDA’s demonetisation drive has given him fodder to fight and prompted him to line up with the common people outside banks and ATMs.

  1. Last and not the least, the main challenge that Rahul will have is to rebuild the party as a credible force and a potential alternative to the ruling combine at the Centre.

The ideal gift by Rahul to his mother can be taking up the challenge of the Congress Leadership and bring congress to the shining position like the golden old days for Congress.