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Pray for amma, Jayalalithaa cardiac arrest, doctors doing their best, says Hospitals

TamilNadu, Jayalalithaa: Unlike the other politicians and comparing to other female politicians like Mayawati, Mamata Banerjee, Sonia Gandhi, Vasundhara Raje and any other female politicians in India, Jayalalithaa is surely the most famous and well respected among them, said many of the north Indians whom we talked.

She is not loud mouth, peaceful and likes to mostly concentrate on her work and surely as a writer I can say it is easy to become didi, friend, or get any other relation but it is toughto become Amma (Mother), as Jayalalithaa is fondly called by its supporters and even sometime in media.

But today it was a saddest moment in southern part of India, as The Chief minister of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa continues to remain critical despite best efforts by the doctors attending her at the Apollo Hospital here. She is famous not only in Tamil Nadu, but in other parts of India as well.

''Jayalalithaa's condition is extremely grave," Richard Beale, a London-based doctor who is assisting doctors here, said on Monday.

"The situation is extremely grave but I can confirm that everything possible is being done to give her the best chance of surviving (the cardiac arrest)," Beale said in a statement.

Beale, from the London Bridge Hospital, has been regularly consulted by doctors at the Apollo Hospitals here ever since Jayalalitha was admitted in September.

Earlier, a brief statement from the hospital said the AIADMK leader, who suffered a cardiac arrest on Sunday evening, "continues to be very critical and is on ECMO and other life support systems".

Extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation(ECMO) is a life support system used for patients with life threatening heart or lung problems. 

Apollo said the 68-year-old Jayalalithaa, who has been in hospital since September, was being treated and closely monitored by experts.

Meanwhile, thousands of her supporters have gathered outside the Apollo Hospital since Sunday evening as news that Jayalalithaa had suffered a cardiac arrest spread like wild fire.

All the people accross india are praying for her speedy recovery.