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Pune CCTV disturbing Car Accident, People thrown up In Air, 3-Year-Old dead

Pune:  A disturbing video has emerged from CCTV footage of a car accident. As can be seen in the footage a speeding car mowed down five persons - two of them children -- who were waiting to cross a road. People can be seen thrown away up to 30 feet away after the car hit them; such was the impact of the accident. The incident happened yesterday at around 2.45 pm.

The car hit the people so badly that two of them were thrown more than 30 feet, while two others got dragged under the vehicle. A three-year-old child Isha Vishwakarma died on the spot, while her mother Pooja Vishwakarma, died today after fighting for her life for nearly 24 hours.

The car, driven by a woman called Sujata Shroff, who has been arrested. She was also injured after the accident

As can be seen from the footage Pooja Vishwakarma was standing on the divider, the small child Isha in her arms, waiting for the traffic to stop. They were waiting for sometime before the accident happened.  Another person can also be seen waiting for the traffic to stop - a man carrying heavy bags, identified as Sajid Sheikh, his sister Nisha, and her 4-year-old son Syed Ali.

It was then when the car driven by Sujata Shroff which can be seen being driven at high speed mowing this people waiting on the road.

People were seen tossed up into the air and the divider broke amid a cloud of dust. The car simply moved up to 15 feet6 before it came to halt.

The injured were taken to a hospital, where doctors say they are fighting for their lives.

A police case has been filed against the driver, Sujata Shroff, for rash driving and culpable homicide not amounting to murder. The police said Sujata  Shroff, claimed that she suddenly felt dizzy and lost control of the car.

Inspite of traffic rules in India for speed limit it is still common in India that people don’t follow the traffic rules and land up in killing others on the road. Each and every driver must think of others life then only this accident can reduce.