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Queen Jayalalithaa death and mystery over death, property, ethics and barkha dutt letter

Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa: The death of Jayalalithaa has become mystery and people are asking more and more questions

One of India’s most famous and pro poor leader died and no one knows why and how. Was she given proper care before she fell sick and what after once she was admitted to the hospital? Why no media was not allowed to know anything about her when she was alive and many other question we are going to cover here.

Once upon a time, there was a great king who ruled over a vast Kingdome, one day the king died suddenly and the next day, one of his member from his kingdom become the king, till day no own knows, and no one dared to ask how the king died, but we have a new King. Similar to the Jayalalithaa, we have a queen, who ruled the state and taken care of every heart, is gone and why she is gone no one knows.

Burning questions after Jayalalithaa death in TamilNadu and rest of India is, how she died…

Question one: Was she prescribed wrong medicine

There are huge rumours in the social media, especially after leaked email from senior journalist, barkha dutt letter, which quotes the Apollo management as saying the late Chief Minister was on “wrong diabetes medicines” before being hospitalized in September. As per reports from other media houses the email was in fact part of circulation.


Image from Firstpost

Question two: was Apollo hospital not able to take care of her

She (Jayalalithaa) was admitted to the hospital on 22 September and spent more than 75 days in the hospital, with little information being given out by the hospital and state government, until she succumbed to a cardiac arrest on 5 December. Is the hospital not liable to give more information to the public that what happened before and during her cure in the hospital? Was there lack of medication and he hospital could have done more.

Question 3: What about her personal property, what has happened

As quoted in PTI and Firstpost, there were also claims that a judge was summoned to the hospital, for the transfer to be made effective, when Jaya was still in the last days before she developed the fatal cardiac arrest. Great mystery still surrounds Jayalalithaa's final days.

Normally, a property registrar and not a judge is called in for these purposes, even if it has to be done in a hospital ward. A judge comes into the picture in due course only if the original transfer is contested — or a probate is needed to be made out, based on a will or hereditary succession.

The more controversial social media claims still continue to highlight questions on why, how and when Jayalalithaa will be taken out of the hospital, and by whom.

Question 4: Why no one was allowed to see Jayalalithaa in Apollo hospital

Why Apollo hospital and the government in TamilNadu always been and still giving very selective information to the general public, although Jayalalithaa was public figure

Question 5: Why is the Modi government not interfering in all this.

Given that there is so much cloud and dust in the air, and there is lots of rumors over the death of the queen of TamilNadu, is it not the center who should intervene in this and take out some positive post analysis team, so that the people can know exactly why did she died.

Chorus is growing louder over the death of Jayalalithaa. The center should intervene in this and clear the rumors and mystery of the death of Jayalalithaa.

Speaking to CNN News18 on 13 December, S Gurumurthy, Editor of Tamil magazine Tughlaq and an RSS ideologue demanded a probe into treatment given to Jayalalithaa. “Jayalalitha was in hospital for 50 days, she was ailing for months and in these cases let us assume you have to administer medicine to her which is risky. Who will you consider, you should consult a relative or somebody. If there is no relative who did they consider? It’s an issue because it’s an issue concerning medical discipline. We need to go into who did the wrong thing or something. Whether the medical discipline was observed or not is a matter of enquiry,” he said.

People who may know more about her death and may answer over time are

Dr Richard Bele from the UK, who visited Jayalalithaa more than once, and was also said to be monitoring her condition through tele-medicine processes.

VK Sasikala, a close friend , who stayed with Jayalalitha for a many long time at the Pose garden with her and before she was admitted and who is said to have stayed more of the time at Apollo with Jayalalithaa.

Really something is wrong in the ethics of the Indian society, if in the present modern age, unlike when the king’s ruled in the olden days and when he/she died and no one knew what has happened. Is it not something same has happened now?