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Rafael deal as in numbers, the best Indian aircraft deal done till date

The Rafael would be the India’s most capable fighter aircraft.  It will be having some of the advance features to meet the requirements met by the Indian government. Some of the key features of the Rafael deal are

  1. A radar warning receiver to identify hostile tracking systems
  2. A towed decoy system to thwart incoming missile attacks
  3. Helmet mounted sights and targeting system to help the pilots to quickly shoot of targets, just like we do in the virtual reality.
  4. Take off ability from high altitude airbases like laddak and leh with cold start.

In quick number the digits

Deal cost: 7.87 billion euro: This deal includes weapons systems, five year support, training and warranties;

Advance: India has to pay 15% in advance

91.7 millions: This is the per unit price of a single seater Rafale, i.e. 91.9 euro

75% Availability: France will make sure at any point of time at least 75% of the flight is read to combat, failing which high penalty to be done.

Make in India boost: 50% of the of the deal to give back to India through make in India products or technology transfer.

Delivery timeline: the first should be coming within 36 month and the remaining to be delivered within 67 month.

Money saved: India saved 328 million Euros, by negotiation, as per the defence ministry sources

Training numbers: India to get 8 two seater training Rafael, 28 single seater fighter planes.

Loitering capability;

  1. 5 times of SU 30
  2. Range 780 to 1055 Km vs 400 to 550 of SU 30
  3. 5 sorties per 24 hours against 3 by SU 30
  4. 75% availably against 56% of SU 30.