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Rahul Gandhi hits hard at Modi govt; BJP, RSS of plays politics of fear

New Delhi, Rahul Gandhi: Trying to do his best when all the regional parties are fighting to come up on the national politics and dreaming big and bigger every day to be the Prime Minister of the country.  Rahul Gandhi today asserted that Acche Din will come only when Congress comes to power in 2019 says Rahul Gandhi as he continuous his attack on the Prime Minister just after a short New Year Vacation. Rahul was speaking at Jan Vedna Sammelan at New Delhi's Talkatora stadium.

Highlights of Rahul Gandhi Statements

“Narendra Modi and his Government, is spreading a sense of fear across the country, adding that both the RSS and the BJP are also spreading hatred through demonetisation”.

“PM Modi has installed fears in the mind of the farmers, fear of their land being snatched away”

“Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is destroying the country through feeling of hatred by implementing demonetisation, while Modi is doing surgical strike on the poor.”

"PM Modi did a surgical strike on the poor, the farmer, the middle class without consulting the RBI”.

“Questioning further the PM, he sought a reply from Modi, regarding the amount of money which has come post demonetisation.”

“demonetisation was done just to write-off the loan given to Modi’s friends.. While the rest of India was made to pay for this,"

“Earlier in the day, Gandhi said for the first time in the history, the Prime Minister of India is being ridiculed all over the world for taking an "incompetent and ill-planned" decision.”

Today the BJP have weakened every institution. The Prime Minister is being ridiculed for the first time in the history of India. He needs to spend some time with the poor, farmers of the country and ask them why suddenly people are running to villages.