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Once again the taking and talking of a society where people can be treated as no people but as a vote bank by this rich and influential, what I call them political businessmen only. It has happened again and again by all the parties gaining vote based on the region and type of crime committed, may be the crime was committed a century years old.

The propaganda related to Gandhi’s assassination went on for 50 years, and is again back, can be seen from Rahul Gandhi’s reference all over again to the role of the RSS in the Mahatma’s killing, unaffected by the Supreme Court’s call for an apology.


Earlier he had flip-flopped evident in his initial observation that he blamed only those associated with the RSS for the death and not the organization itself, and his subsequent statement that he stood by his earlier direct condemnation of the RSS and returning back to the earlier propaganda of getting peoples attraction.

But now again Rahul Gandhi has taken his confrontation with the RSS by withdrawing his petition to the Supreme Court seeking the quashing of the defamation proceedings against him filed by the RSS and asserted that he is ready to face trial.

It looks like that the Congress vice-president has decided that raking up the Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination is the best way to corner the RSS and the Sangh parivar.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP, Sakshi Maharaj, when he described Godse as a patriot. He was quickly silenced by his party, which has now donned a moderate mask. But the revelation of the parivar’s high regard for the Mahatma’s killer only ousted a “secret” which is generally known.

It is also the BJP’s weak point. Not surprisingly, the fact of the assassination and the name of the killer were omitted from a “history” book being written in 2002 the then Human Resource Development Minister Murli Manohar Joshi.

Gandhi’s offer, to face a trial is not something which will enthuse the BJP and its mentor, the RSS, for not many outside the groves of academe can anticipate what can emerge from the archives of historians and surely what ever comes might not be good for the BJP as nothing can come out in favour of nathu ram godse..

Inadvertently or otherwise, Gandhi has hit a sore point of the Hindutva brigade, whose political potential can prove to be useful for the Congress and the BJP’s other opponents.

It is difficult to say, however, if they can make full use of whatever revelations are made in the courtroom because of their abstruse nature. The exposures may also be of more interest to scholars than to the general public.

It will also be wrong to assume that the BJP’s political clout will be visibly diminished if the taint of the assassination darkens the image of the RSS since, to many, it is an old and familiar story going on for ages.

However, the political fallout may see the BJP and the RSS to be more on the defensive, especially if the parivar’s hotheads in the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal use the occasion to praise Godse and excoriate Gandhi.

The Congress, on its part, is unlikely to experience a dramatic revival of fortunes, for it will continue to be judged by its present-day economic and political policies rather than by what happened seven decades ago. The intention of the congress party looks like to move the peoples mindset from the agenda of development and the corruption, to the age old tactics of vote bank.


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