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Rahul Gandhi Saharanpur visit: says Dalits are being suppressed in India

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi attacked the central government on Saturday. He said that the Dalits are being supressed all over India.

Rahul was going to Shabbirpur village in the violence-hit Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. But he was stopped by the police and the administration on the Yamuna Bridge on the Haryana border. In his protest, Rahul walked about a kilometer.

After walking for over a kilometer on foot, he told the media reporters that there is no place for poor, weak in today's India. Dalits are being suppressed across India. Not only in UP, fear in the whole of India. He said that Modi government only considers rich people in the government; however, it uses the poor-poor word only in its speeches.

Rahul said, 'I wanted to know well being of the people of Shabbirpur, but i was not allowed to go there. Do not know what the police want to hide from us. ‘He said that DM and SSP have assured him that as soon as Shabbirpur situation is normal, he himself will take him to the village.

Rahul also accused the Uttar Pradesh government of failing to maintain law and order.
Earliar today Rahul Gandhi alonwith Raj Babbar left for Saharanpur. But they were stopped in the Saraswa area. This is where the victims families met Rahul.
Rahul Gandhi was not allowed to go to Saharanpur. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered the political leaders not to approve the tour to Saharanpur.

The procession of Maharana Pratap was taken out on May 5 in Saharanpur. At the same time, two people were killed in the conflict between Thakurs and Dalits while many were injured. The houses of the Dalits were set on fire and many people were injured by the sword. The fire of violence spread to many villages. Since then there is tension and police force is deployed.