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New Delhi, Rahul Mamata Attack: Congress and the TMC today targeted PM Modi. Rahul asked for their resignation and Mamata said Modi said “ache din aayenge” is this the ache din.

The Meeting over demonetisation was held to increase pressure on the Modi government. The meeting was called by Sonia Gandhi to unite all of the opposition parties. However none of the opposition parties attended except Mamata Banerjee. Sonia herself could not attend the meeting citing ill health issue; Rahul took the responsibility of Sonia. The Left, SP, BSP, JD(U) and NCP were among those in the opposition parties who did not participate in the conference

Highlights of Rahul Gandhi Attack list on Modi

- PM’s demonetisation move has failed to check corruption and black money in the country. However it ended up adding to the woes of poor people and it have led to unemployment in the country..

-Demonetisation was a direct attack on the country’s poor and farmers, small trader do not have money

-He said the Modi known for oratory skills, shying away from answering on honesty and integrity.

-Farmers do not have the money to buy agricultural products while traders cannot procure essential commodities without money and the poor are facing several hardships.

- Made fun of Modi's, said, 50-day promise, stating that when things didn't improve in 47 days, what is going to happen in the last three?

-I-T raided Aditya Birla group and Rs 12 crore was paid to Modi. Raids on Sahara revealed that they paid Rs 40 crore to the Gujarat chief minister. He said when diaries surfaced, congress ministers resigned, even LK Adwani resigned, and he further asked will Modiji resign.

Highlights of Mamata Attack on Narendra Modi: Mamata followed Rahul on the attack

-Demonetisation and re-monetisation were both mega scams and such scam have never happened after independence.

-She said, you gave you 50 days time and every one gave you time and they suffered, but now how will you answer to the public.

-Even if after 50 days, things will not change. Will the prime minister resign?

- She said the demonetisation move has pushed the country 20 years back.

-In push for cashless economy, Modi government has become baseless. It’s a total loss of face for them.

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