Rail fares likely to increase by the end of Year 2017, PMO green signal


New Delhi: The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has approved the increase in the fares of the Railways. This case has long been lying pending. An increase in passenger fares can be implemented by the end of this year 2017. After a meeting of the Ministry of Infrastructure in the end of April, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there were indications for working on this move. The situation of the railway was reviewed in the meeting.

The point was discussed in the PMO discussion while discussing the actionable points for transporter, The implementation of an increase in passenger fares in operational points was to be implemented. The timeline was fixed by the Railways for this step, which is September 2017. There is a fear of political opposition to the increase in railway fares, and getting green signal from political mentors has always been a challenge for the railway officials, especially during the UPA government.

As a result, the railways have kept silent on this move and unless the announcement of this move is announced, they are officially denying this. The documents of the review meeting of April show that, at this time, there is agreement on the need to increase the fare from time to time. This step is definitely going to be considered a milestone.

In the meeting, railways have been asked to increase customer experience and focus on core operations to provide efficient and safe travel. At present, railway passengers are getting only 57 percent of the services and about 37 percent of the cost of suburban services. Railways are getting profit from the third AC only, but due to the loss from other classes, this profit is also being neutralized.

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