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Railway minister pawan bansal plead innocence cash for prmotion scam in railways and offered to resign. Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal, whose nephew V Singla was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) yesterday, allegedly for arranging a good posting for Mahesh Kumar, a General Manager of Western Railway.  

Railway minister clarifies “Regarding yesterday's incident involving my sister's son in a CBI raid in Chandigarh, I have to say that I had no knowledge or clue about the matter at all. Though a close relative, he or any other relative of mine does not and cannot meddle in my official functions or influence my decisions," Bansal said in a statement.

"I have always followed utmost probity in public life," he added.

"I have no business relations with my nephew nor any financial transactions with him," the railway minister said.

He also added, "I have always observed highest standards of probity in public life and look forward to an expeditious investigation by CBI in the matter."

The CBO arrested Bansal's nephew Vijay Singla and three others in Chandigarh for allegedly taking a bribe from a railway official. A total of six people have been arrested so far, CBI sourses said.

Bansal’s nephew Singla was arrested in Chandigarh for allegedly accepting a “bribe” of Rs 90 lakh from one Manjunath, who is alleged to be a middleman for Mahesh Kumar. The full bribe was reportedly Rs 2 crore, to be paid in instalments. Mahesh Kumar has also been arrested.

Decision on Bansal to be taken on Congress Core Goup Meet to discuss railway bribery. Soniya Gandhi,Ahmad Patel, A K Antony and shinde prent in meet. Railway minister summond to explain bribery charges.

There are more questions than answers:

* how big and wide the Government posting racket?

* Can the money-making exercise just be limited to transfers and postings?

Will bansal face the axe?