Reasons behind Nitish Kumar silent on CBI raids on RJD chief Lalu Yadav


New Delhi: RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav and his family have been raided recently in several places including Patna, but Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has taken silence on this matter. Nitish Kumar's silence on the events of CBI raids on the Lalu family may have many implications, but in the near future it is not about any kind of threat to the coalition. If they separate the Mahagathbandhan at this time then they both will become weak, both will be weak. Lalu will have more damage if the alliance breaks up, in such case he will at present remain.

As far as Nitish Kumar is concerned, he is silent for these reasons-

1. When Lalu is in such a situation, any pressure from Nitish Kumar may be a reason for the government to fall, which Nitish Kumar does not want because for him working as a Deputy Chief Minister Tejswani Yadav is more easier then working with Sushil Modi. It is easier because, after such allegations, the RJD will be somewhat soft.

2. Nitish Kumar is also looking at the future (2019), for which his stay in this coalition will be more beneficial as he can decide in the future as per the situation. Perhaps this is the reason that Nitish Kumar has been praising Prime Minister Modi on various occasions. He has even announced to support Ramnath Kovind, instead of supporting the Mahagathbandhan choice of the presidential choice. This is the reason why so far no BJP leader has openly opposed the CBI. In such a situation, Nitish has also not even opposed to CBI's action.

3. The biggest reason is that Nitish Kumar is afraid of harming his clean image, he is also called as sushan Babu. If he speaks anything in favor of Lalu Yadav on the CBI raids and condemning BJP. He may loose the clean image.  Lalu already have many cases of corruption running against him, Nitish knows that it Is lalu himself to defend against himself.

4. Fourth and the last reason may be that Nitish Kumar somewhere knows that speaking in favour of Lalu Yadav means that speaking on his behalf. The Congress has been trying to unite the opposition all over the country, the Congress has opposed the CBI raids against them, in such a way that Nitish can also bring many other parties to Lalu's camp and to oppose these impressions. So that lalu can be shown in a strong position, which may damage not only in Bihar but his chances at the center in the future.

5. Nitish knows quite well the political implication of all this. Right now he is in the opposition and part of the Mahagathbandhan, but still has his own image. Supporting Lalu Yadav means he has to do this again and again.

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