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S for Samajwadi, C for Congress, A for Akhilkesh, M for Mayawati

up election 2017, Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur: Visibially what was started by Narendra Modi the war of words over SCAM, it has found now many acronyms, als "S.C.A.M" has become a part of the political syntax in the Uttar Pradesh election.

It was Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who started the war of the word SCAM, fist he started using at the Meerut Rally. As he said “S for Samajwadi, C for Congress, A for Akhilkesh and M for Mayawati," he said a rally at Meerut” in western Uttar Pradesh.

Soon after the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and political his accomplice Rahul Gandhi at a road show in Agra soon after, then delivered their own interpretation.

"A stands for Amit Shah and M for (Prime Minister) Modi. 'SCAM' stands for Save the Country from Amit Shah and Modi," said the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister.

Today, Yet again Rahul Gandhi came out again to play with the same word. At a public Rally in Kanpur, where the crowd was about 10,000, the old Congress vice president and icon of the party said, "S means Service for the poor. C means Courage. A means Ability. M means Modesty," saying the PM has none.

"They are disturbed because I am checking graft," the PM said to an audience of nearly 50,000, Agra, Aligarh and Meerut. which votes on Saturday. The Central UP's Kanpur, on the other hand, votes in the third phase.

In the sets of competing claims, the issue of corruption is being bench-pressed as one that carries a vast amount of weight.

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