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Satyendra Jain misused his position as Delhi Health Minister, grilled 8 hours

The CBI questioned the Delhi government health minister Satyendra Jain for nearly eight hours on Thursday for the money laundering case. It is alleged that he misused his position; the Delhi Health Minister has made crores of rupees through four companies. The CBI has filed a preliminary inquiry (PE) case against Jain's role last month.

According to the information, the Delhi government health minister Satyendra Jain was issued notice by the CBI last week for questioning. He was asked to appear in the CBI headquarters on Thursday. He reached the headquarters at 11 o'clock in the morning. Information about fraudulent companies used in the money laundering case was obtained from him.

As per the Sources, he did not give some of the answers directly. In the inquiry report sent to CBI on behalf of Income Tax Department, it has been said that Health Minister Satyendra Jain misused his position in the year 2015-16. He has been involved in the money laundering of Rs. 4 crore 63 lakhs.

It is said that Info Solutions Pvt Ltd, Akinkead Developers Pvt. Ltd. and Mangalyaan Projects Pvt. Companies also involved in this money laundering. It is alleged that between 2010 and 2012, around 11 crore and 78 lakh rupees, cash was given to the entry operator of Calcutta through M / s Indomatal Private Limited Company.

Later this amount was used for agricultural land purchases. CBI has already filed a case regarding the appointment of the Health Minister OSD. In the FIR, Anup Mehta, director of Chacha Nehru Hospital, and other people including OSD Ninkuj Agarwal are involved.