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simi activities escape from Madhya Pradesh jail - killed in acharpura village

Bhopal, October 31: All the eight SIMI operatives that escaped from Bhopal Central Jail on Monday morning have been killed by the police in Acharpura village, say sources.

Around 2 AM to 3 AM on Monday, the SIMI men hacked to death the guard Ramashankar Yadav in the isolated C Block where they were lodged, They then held another guard hostage between 2 and 3am before using bed sheets, sources said.

The SIMI was launched in 1977 to look after the welfare of Muslim youth but gradually adopted a more hardline ideology, especially after the Babri Masjid demolition in 1992. The government banned the outfit in 2001 but experts say many erstwhile members who went underground managed to stay in touch and expand their network.

Now, there are more than 400 full-time cadre and more than 20,000 ordinary members, security agencies say.

All of this SIMI activitist has been killed on ancouner with the police