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Sisodia CM New Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal CM Punjab, Bhagwant Mann?

Mohali (Punjab), Arvind Kejriwal: Looks like the patience in Sisodia as a deputy CM of New Delhi have run out and no more he wants to remain as a second man in New Delhi.

Dropping a major Bomb ahead of Punjab polls, the Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday has asked the people of the state to vote assuming they are voting for Arvind Kejriwal. He gave the maximum indication about AAPs plan in the coming future in the politics of India and Punjab. He made the possibility of Arvind being the CM of Punjab.

Punjab voters have the opportunity to give out their anger against the present rulership on February 4. I appeal to the people to vote as if they are voting for Arvind Kejriwal.

Whatever has been promised by us, we will fulfill the promises, their vote belongs to Kejriwal" Sisodia said.

East Delhi's Municipal Corporation Mayor Satya Sharma said that, still the sanitation workers have been protesting over not being paid of their wages and the Delhi Chief Minister has been busy preparing for Goa and Punjab elections.

Kejriwal has back-stabbed people of New Delhi. You can see the way he had been travelling in and out of the city. AAP is cheating the people of both the state.

In one of the rallies in Punjab, Kejriwal promised that a Dalit will be the Deputy CM of Punjab if he comes to power.

State Assembly polls in Punjab will be held from February 4 and results will be announced on March 11.

Earliar Bhagwant Mann was supposed to be the CM face of Punjab, but now everything has changed with the changing of CM face in Punjab. However Bhagwant Mann said that he is not in race for the CM post in Punjab.

So the Big question of the day is, if Kejriwal will become CM of Punjab, Deputy CM Manish Sisodia will become Chief Minister of New Delhi then what about Bhagwant Mann, where would he go?