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Some people are having problem with the cleaning up of the system

Delhi: With delay in proper implementation if the new notes to the various ATM and bank, and as the number of displeasure increased in the public in getting the amount of money they are needed. People and different public work is getting affected because of this.

Transportation, is hugely affected as people are not able to move easily, for the TOLL and even moving around the city drivers are asking for change in less than 100 and if you already have got the money of 2000 currency, you will not be getting any change for it and many other issues are arising due to less withdrawal of money from the bank.

All this above have made the public life into chaos for some days and other political parties are trying to gain their advantage on the demonetization.  

Arun Jaitley, The Finance Minister on Saturday rejected as "irresponsible" the criticism of political parties on the government's demonetization drive, saying some people are having problem with the cleaning up of the system.

Jaitley also said that spurt in bank deposits in the July- September quarter, which Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal attributed to selective leak of the drive to BJP friends, was on account of payment of 7th Pay Commission arrears to government employees. "Different kinds of political reactions keep coming and some of them are even irresponsible. Some people have a problem with this attempt of cleaning up the political system," he told reporters here.

Dismissing the suggestions that one week should have been given to people to adjust; he said this would have amounted to leaving everyone to go scot-free, as this gives the whole game away of cleaning the system.

Kejriwal has dubbed the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes a "huge scam" and alleged BJP had told all its "friends" about the move much before Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement.

He termed the Centre's decision as a "surgical strike" on common man's "small savings" and not on "black marketeers" and demanded its immediate roll back.

Congress spokesperson Kapil Sibal has described the demonetization as another jumla for political reasons and suggested that if the Prime Minister is serious about rooting out black money, he should “set up a commission of inquiry with reference to all the money spent by BJP before Mr Modi became the Prime Minister, because the kind of money that was spent (on poll campaign), which was visually displayed on all TV channels, suggested — I can’t say that it is proof — that a lot of black money went into it…. If he is honest about it, he should set up an inquiry…only then will we know Modi means what he says…at the moment it is only jumla.”

On Congress party's assertion that why should people stand in queue to get their own money back from banks, Jaitley said it is the right of the government to know whether the money has been legitimately earned.

"Whether you have paid tax on your money, people of the country and government have the right to know. Even on your own money, you have to pay tax and that is what we are trying to ensure. And this money has come through legitimate means or not, that also the country has a right to know," the Finance Minister said.

On criticism about spurt in bank deposits in the second quarter of the current fiscal, Jaitley said: "One more irresponsible comment has been given that since bank deposits increased between July-September, so some people would have prior information on this." He said he has seen the RBI data which shows that there was spike in deposits in September and it was because of release of the pay commission arrears on August 31. And on the basis of that data, he said, people are creating "imaginary stories".

Some people, he said, are spreading "irresponsible rumors" like the one of salt unavailability. "It (salt) is there in adequate quantity in every state." Jaitley further said that some of these rumors started on day one like there are chip fitted on Rs 2,000 rupee note and there are going to be digital lockers. "These are all concocted rumors. Today's statement that these were known to people earlier, these are all taking liberties with truth," Jaitley added.