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SP drama: Why daddy Mulayam should hold his hands of Akhilesh Yadav

In any ideal family, the core value of the family lies in the hand of the guardian of the family. Till the time this guardian is responsible for the functioning and top decision making, the family runs and survives and grows over a long time.

One of the greatest, advantages of such family is that each and every family member can support other family member in the time of needs, especially in the time of crisis. Here Mulayam Singh Yadav, is not only the Party supremo, but also the head of the family.

In the current political turmoil the result which has come out shows that he is the ultimate boss of the family and his decision do have the impact.

Today The UP CM agreed to comply with “Netaji’s order” to take back Gayatri Prasad Prajapati in the cabinet and reject Shivpal’s resignation from the party and the government.

Akhilesh Yadav also took a dig at Amar Singh, a close aide of his father who returned to the party recently and was rewarded with a Rajya Sabha berth. “I will no longer refer to that ‘outsider’ as uncle,” Akhilesh said in an obvious reference to Singh. He is considered close to Shivpal and his return was opposed by Akhilesh and other party leaders.

Akhilesh Yadav is a young energetic politician who has ruled the state in a good manner. He is a dynamic young politician, entrusted with the job of ruling the Hindu and Muslim heartland of UP and is the one who is reading the popular mood right – that you cannot be a winner in your own right if you don't choose the development path, look sincere in providing a government that cares for delivery of popular goods and also at times be ruthless in action.

He has a task to show to the people of UP that he is the next supremo of the Samajwadi party. That he is ready to take up even more power full decision needed for the party and not just a daddy’s boy. He did a right job in trying to come out and make his own decision.

The party supremo is also literally right when he jumped into the power struggle for the chair between Shivpal Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav. Mulayam's word has always, been the law in the family and the party he heads. Since Samajwadi Party is ruling in UP, and his son Akhilesh was named by him as chief minister, his word was law in the state government as well and todays action of reinstating Shivpal Yadav have again proved the same.

But Mulayam singh, made a mistake in underestimating his own son and his ambition and ability, both as an administrator and as a politician. Akhilesh proved to be a good pupil and learnt the art of political wresting faster and better than his father had anticipated. A young obedient boy had turned into a tough man with courage and conviction to tell his father 'you are wrong and I am right, I will do what I think is right.

He has so far been strong and categorical in his words and deeds. He knows that as the chief minister his position should remain unchallenged. Since he is face of the party for the upcoming Assembly elections and in the government everyone, including his father and uncle Shivpal, should allow him to have his say in matters of governance and related matters in the party.

But it is the combined effort of all the people who were with Mulayam Singh Yadav, who made this man Akhilesh Yadav, it is also the effort of Shivpal Yadav that he is here as a chief minister of the India’s largest Hindi state. So today If the party breaks it is going to have a huge impact in the upcoming election. So taking a decision made by his father is the only solution he has for this crisis.