Statue Politics, Now Amit Shah condemns on twitter


India: Tripura was just the beginning of the falling of statues, the saga continues. In India and across the world there are sets of people who like some persons and there is another set of persons who might not like the person.

The cycle of vandalism began after two statues of Lenin were demolished in Tripura yesterday, allegedly by workers of the BJP, which ended the 25-year-long rule of the Left in the northeastern state on Saturday.

The stop the statue politics from getting over and going out of the hands the BJP president have come now on twitter to stop the status politics from going out of the hand.

As a party, we in the BJP believe that a wide range of ideas and ideologies can coexist in India. This is exactly how the makers of our Constitution envisioned our great nation to be. India’s diversity and the vibrant spirit of debate and discussion is what strengthens us.

Our main aim is to bring a transformative change in the lives of the people. We are humbled by the fact that our ethos and work has endeared us to people all across India and our alliance is serving in over 20 states as a part of the Government.

The recent issue on destroying of statues is extremely unfortunate. We as a party do not support the bringing down of anybody’s statue.

I have spoken to the party units in both Tamil Nadu and Tripura. Any person associated with the BJP found to be involved with destroying any statue will face severe action from the party.

The BJP will always remain committed to ideals of openness and constructive politics through which we can positively impact people’s lives as well as build a New India.

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