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Uttar Pradesh: Sulkhan Singh, was appointed and took charge as the New director general of police (DGP) Uttar Pradesh police. Soon after taking over charge as the DGP on Saturday he said that he would be taking strict action against anyone indulging in vigilantism in the name of gau raksha. He said he has the backing of chief minister Yogi Adityanath to crack down on lawbreakers and stop gundagardi.

Soon after taking charge he said "Anybody indulging in criminal activities will not be spared, whether from ruling party or not, we have strict orders from UP CM (Yogi Adityanath)".

Action will be taken on anyone indulging in vigilantism in the name of gau .

“The police will get a free hand in controlling crime and maintaining law and order with firmness and tact.”

Singh said his priority would be ensuring unbiased policing.

Yogi Adityanath had formed the so-called anti-Romeo squads to tackle growing crime against women. Speaking about the anti-Romeo squads, the New UP DGP said, “Personnel will be in plain clothes, this does not include questioning people. The personnel on duty for anti-Romeo squads shall act and take action only on people with objectionable behavior.”

Those indulging in goondagardi and criminal activities will be dealt without mercy. Even VIPs will not be spared,” He said.

Sulkhan Singh said he will try to ensure that police isn’t overburdened but added that “corrupt cops will face the music”.

Sulkhan Singh is likely to have a brief stint as the state police head as he is set to retire in September.

Just before the recent assembly polls, BJP had petitioned the Election Commission to remove Javeed Ahmed, alleging that he was working at the behest of the then Samajwadi Party government. Javed Ahmed’s appointment was seen as a foresighted decision since he was chosen above 15 senior bureaucrats for the prestigious post.

Syed Javed Ahmed, the 1984 batch IPS officer was appointed the new DGP in January 2016. Subsequently after the retirement of Jagmohan Yadav.

Singh took charge as the director general of police (DGP) on Saturday, a day after the Adityanath government transferred former police chief Javeed Ahmed.

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