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New Delhi: Foreign Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj made a statement on Thursday (August 3) on the issue of Doklam in Parliament. Sushma, who arrived to give a statement after the Opposition's ruckus, refuted the arguments of Congress and other opposition parties, referring to the steps taken by the central government for neighboring countries. Sushma said that 'Nehru (Jawaharlal) earned personal honor, Modi honored India in the world.' Sushma mentioned the help made during the floods in Sri Lanka and then discussed Nepal. She said, "When an earthquake struck in Nepal, our government was first to with help. No Prime Minister went in Nepal for 17 years, during that time your (UPA) government was there. We are completing your work. "Sushma said," What neighboring countries are you talking about whether they stand with us or not? Tell us which country is not with us. Our relations with Nepal are good, we have better relations with Sri Lanka and there is no better relationship than that from Bangladesh. Bhutan is our closest neighbor.

On the issue of China, Sushma read a written statement: "India's position is the same in this matter which the Foreign Ministry has said in its statement. There is constant talk about this issue between India and China. Talking between India, China and Bhutan on Tri-Junction There is mutual consent for demarcation. The 2012 agreement is currently effective. China has proposed demarcation in the Sikkim region. China has mentioned many Nehru letters in this regard. In recent times, China has said to keep peace on the Indo-China border. We will maintain traditional cooperation from Bhutan. "

Sushma said in the Rajya Sabha that the visit of Lahore from Kabul was part of diplomacy. On 25 December, Nawaz Sharif's birthday was. Someone may say that we did not initiate friendship with Pakistan. Yes, after Pathankot, we put the condition for talks. Conditions got worse after Burhan Wani's encounter, when Nawaz Sharif described him as a martyr in Parliament. Things got spoiled since then On the day when terrorism will stop, dialogue will begin.

On the issue of the Doklam, the External Affairs Minister said that "Leader of the biggest Opposition party (Rahul Gandhi) met the Chinese ambassador instead of asking India's leadership to know the situation of China. You (Anand Sharma) were also present in that meeting too. "Sharma said that the Chinese ambassador himself had requested for talks with the people of the opposition himself. Sushma further said that the 'first opposition should have explained India's attitude, then the Chinese ambassador should have been told that this is our side.'

Sushma said, "The solution to any problem does not come out from the war. After the war, you have to communicate even. So the wisdom is that you solve all without fighting. The army is ready for war, but war does not solve it. You said that by raising your strategic capacity, the neighbors will feel that we are strong. Today, not the strategic ability, the economic potential determines who is stronger. I want that neighboring countries also benefit in India's development. The larger part of our economic capacity is coming from China. If there is a bilateral discussion, then the solution will definitely come out. "


Talking about the US H1 visa, Sushma said, "When the UPA government was in December 2004, a bill was passed and the number was 65,000, apart from that, 20 thousand people who received a PhD from that, some 85 thousand people got the visa. It is the success of the Modi government that today Russia is with India and America is also with us. "

Sushma said in the House, "Ramgopal (Yadav) ji gave his entire history about Israel. I stand up and say firmly that Israel is our friend, but we are working for the Palestine Cause. I went to Palestine myself and met there, I first went to Palestine then Israel. Our President also went to Palestine first and then to Israel, the Prime Minister went on to the 25th anniversary of relations with Israel, so he did not go to Palestine. When I went, the Palestinian Foreign Minister told me that I want the issue to be resolved and the Israeli flag spread over the whole of the Arab world. He said that you have friendship with Israel, by taking advantage of it, you help us resolve our issue.

Speaking further in the House, Sushma said, "Before the Modi Government came, the people of West Asia were concerned that after Modi's arrival, their relationship with India will get worsened because Muslims are more there. But today, someone has the best relationships with the Arab world, then it is India. When our Prime Minister visited Saudi Arabia, the king there gave him the highest respect. If we pulled people out of Yemen, the quarrel was between Saudi and Yemen. The Prime Minister spoke to the Saudi king in front of me and agreed to stop firing for two hours daily. There was a fight in Yemen, no one could walk. There were looters in the sea just a way to wind. From 9th to 11th, the Saudi firing was stopped and the airport was open. We brought out four thousand five hundred people and brought about 2000 foreigners out”.

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