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New Delhi: PM Modi assures Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina for an early resolution of emotive teesta water sharing dispute between the two countries.

The Teesta river flows through Sikkim , West Bengal and Bangladesh. In 1983, an water sharing  agreement was made where india and Bangladesh were given 39% and 36% of the water respectively. When Mamta banerjee came to power she disapproved the deal fearing of loss of higher volume of water to the other side.

PM Modi signed 22 deals in the key areas of defence and civil nuclear cooperation.He also announced that $ 500 million credit will be given for the country’s defence program. He also announced a credit of $4.5 biilion of credits for the development and prosperity of the country.

Mamta Baneerjee, prime opposition to the pact was present during the summit and had a quiet dinner with Sheikh Hasina and the Indian President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday.

India and Bangladesh stood jointly against terrorism. In a joint statement, it was clearly  mentioned  that “there can be no support to any act of terror, strong actions needed to be taken against organizations and networks who support or flourish terrorism in its any form”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said  "early solution can and will be found" to the Teesta water sharing issue.

However the much delayed pact on the Teesta water sharing remain elusive for both the countries.  Teesta water is important for Bangladesh especially in the month of December to January as water comes down from 5000 cusecs to less than 1000 cusecs.


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