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Arvind Kejriwal, Arvind defeats congress, AAP wins, AAP Delhi Elections, AAP proves metal, Congress looses in four states

New Delhi: Poll results are over and Congress is thrashed completely by BJP and AAP. Though AAP could not make it to CM post but they have proved a point : India is changing. Arvind Kejrival came to limelight with Anna movement. Anna protested for LOkpall bill and wanted our government to pass the Lokpall bill. Anna wanted to finish corruption from all the tiers of society. Along with Kiran Bedi and Arvind he started his movement. Anna starved and somehow escaped death but no one heard him. Perhaps Arvind followed what Amir said in Rang de Basanti : "Koi bhi country perfect nahin hoti usey perfect banana padta hai!! politics join  karo..police mein bharthi ho jao..IAS bano..". Arvind was already an IAS officer, and now he had decided what he wanted to do. He quit Anna's movement and decided to open his own party "Aam Aadmi Party". AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) was founded on 16th Nov 2012. In Delhi elections, AAP won 27 seats out of 70. Arvind defeated Shelia Dikshit and ended her 15 year tenure in Delhi. Though BJP emerged as greatest party, but the win of Arvind has proved that India is changing. We cant accept any more corruption and want to try someone who commits to bring a corruption free government. Congress has literally crossed all the limits of corruption and they have not left any section of society where corruption has not extended its wings. We cant be sure that with the arrival of AAP corruption will go or not. THey might also become corrupt like other parties. But one chance should be provided to them. Modi air has also helped BJP tremendously. 2 months back they didnt have any eligible candidate for Delhi. But with Modi effect and Harsh Vardhan's loyalty things got drastically changed. Prior to elections everyone.