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delhi election, the bjp, Congress, aap

Delhi has witnessed different glorious rulers in the past, from the lodhis, mughals, British, to the present time where it is being ruled by the congress.

Delhi has lost its honour over the past due to several reasons first it is considered the center of corruption as Indians all the major corruption has taken birth in Delhi, secondarily several crimes against women has happened in Delhi, so it is unlikely if we call Delhi unsafe there is nothing wrong in it.

The election is very near and people of Delhi has different alternative to select a new ruler to rule Delhi. Earlier there were only two parties in which people has to elect either congress or BJP.

This time a new party has emerged, so the race to the Delhi sultanate has become very exiting.

The first Choice is the BJP party, with a new face for the cm candidate Harsh Vardhan. He is not very high profile like the other party leaders but scening the narendra modi wave any thing can be possible in the coming election.

The second choice is the Congress looking to bounce back the fourth time, in the hands of Sheila Dikshit, Delhi has seen a huge infrastructural changes in the last fue years, and the congress is hoping to get back on this agenda and looking for vote for the dynamic current CM Sheila Dikshit.

The Third alternative is the Aam Admi Party (AAP), a party that does not represent any particular section of society, a party that was formed to fight against corruption and rising electricity and water bill, a party that was formed after the anna hazare fasting.

The delhi voters must be hoping any of this parties to win and provide a clean and safe delhi.